Drink Champagne au naturel

At Rendez-Vous, we believe in natural champagnes. And we believe that the true personality and character of a champagne can only truly shine through small producers that shun generic, mass production and commit to their lifelong passion for making champagne the time-honored way. The purity and authenticity of Rendez-Vous champagnes cannot be contested.

Rendez-vous is the only exclusive direct-to-consumer champagne brand in the US that ships nationwide. This means you can enjoy high-quality, artisan champagnes at affordable prices, shipped right to your door. We don’t sell through distributors, which means no third-party markups. We don’t sell to restaurants so that our customers remain the true VIPs.

What is Natural Champagne?

Made with loving hands

Say goodbye to Sulfites

Embrace a touch of sweetness

Discover truly organic champagne

Animal lovers rejoice!

Champagne that rests easy

Concentrated, first-press juices

Are you itching for taste? You're just a few clicks away to enjoying the bubbly!

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