Authenticity is the new luxury

Natural grower champagne for every mood and every moment

What is natural grower champagne?

Banishment of any synthetic chemical to produce healthier plants and fruits that will be pure of any trace

An alcoholic fermentation achieved using the yeasts naturally present in the grapes

Champagne made with just grapes, minimum sulfur, no filtration and low sugar

Crafted in small batches by our partner grower who cares about the health of his soil and the people working and living around him

Break out the bubbly!

Rosé, Brut, Extra Brut Premier Cru champagne.
No matter what tickles your taste buds or the occasion, Rendez-Vous natural craft champagnes are sheer happiness in a bottle.


The bottle that makes everyone happy! Classy, refreshing and lively. Dive into the bright golden color and nice aromas of white flowers, fresh apple and yellow fruits.

Extra Brut

Welcome your guests with some vibrant and silky bubbles. The perfect combination between light toastiness and mouthwatering finish acidity!


The bottle to impress your guests! A serious food Rosé Champagne extremely complex with rich and elegant aromas of red fruits and spices.

Make the move to natural champagne.

"If you like sparkling wine or traditional champagne, you will fall in love with our new generation of natural, handcrafted champagne made with organic grapes and sustainable practices.
Say cheers to Rendez-Vous champagne!"

Discover why we’re unique
Small producer champagne. Delivered right to your door.

The fruits of small growers’ labor straight from the Champagne region of France to your door.
Be a part of an inclusive community of real champagne lovers that support local producers and rare finds.

Champagne your life

Anytime is a good time to enjoy natural champagne. From momentous occasions to life’s small pleasures—and everything in between—you deserve to pop open some bubbly. Our motto? Champagne is for everyone! Learn more about how we are democratizing champagne.


Fun fact: Champagne makes you more social!
Extra fun fact: Rendez-Vous champagne creates epic moments!
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