Taste the difference

We believe there is a better way to produce Champagne, and nature knows how. For decades, many “commercial” champagne and sparkling wine brands have tried to convince seasoned connoisseurs and budding champagne fans alike that expensive champagne equals quality champagne that is sustainably produced. That’s why Champagne Rendez-Vous is on a mission to be completely transparent about how our natural champagnes are made and demystify what makes a truly good and sustainable champagne.

Let’s celebrate single-grower know-how

Naked is better

Not all bubbles are created equally

Hands on in the vineyard. Hands off in the cellar

Rendez-Vous champagnes are calling. We’re sure you’re already thinking about the next time you sip a glass. Stock up on our exclusive bottles today and wow family and friends.

With love, from Champagne.

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